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Your partner in fake fur

As a producer of quality faux fur, Fakefurshop is aware of the rapidly changing market requirements. Our premium quality faux furs, sold under the Saluki and Tyber brand names, have allowed us to respond to trends and fashion since 1984.

(Daring to) look beyond the present is one of our strong characteristics. It has brought us where we are today: the forefront of the international textile industry. Innovation, creativity and flexibility are important to us. Our premium quality Saluki faux fur in various weights are knitted in a variety of  pile heights and it goes without saying that we only use high-quality raw materials and advanced techniques.

As a manufacturer of faux fur fabrics, we are a member of the Bont voor Dieren foundation. Based, like us, in the Netherlands, this foundation works for animals and against the use of real fur. We believe that animals should not be killed to make products from their fur, and we feel it is essential to work against animal cruelty.

Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals) works against animal suffering by raising awareness among politicians, shoppers, fashion designers and stores and has a ban on all fur farming in the Netherlands by 2021. The foundation is fighting for a global ban on the production and sale of fur, while encouraging people to make conscious choices about animal welfare.

In collaboration with the associations LAV and GAIA, it commissioned an independent study from CE Delft, entitled Natural Mink Fur and Faux Fur Products, an environmental comparison, which showed that synthetic fur is significantly less environmentally damaging than real fur. The results of the study show that real fur is at least three times more harmful to the environment than synthetic. For a large number of environmental effects, real fur is even more than 10 times more harmful.  In order to anticipate the discussion on possible assumptions and boundary conditions, CE Delft chose the most conservative scenario for fur and the most extreme scenario for fake fur. Even with these extreme scenarios, the differences were significant in terms of environmental impact.

As a member of the Fur Free Alliance, Bont voor Dieren is committed to raising awareness of animal issues internationally. At Fur-Textiles Nederland, we stand by them to offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly world.