Animal prints have been fashionable for decades; from tiger and leopard prints to cow ones. Animal prints complete any interior design and outfit. But exactly why are they so popular? An animal print adds a natural touch and a luxurious look and feel. Visit Fakefurshop.com for faux fur with an animal print.

Animal print history
For centuries, animal fur has been used for clothing, interior designs and decoration. Animal coats – and tiger and leopard furs in particular – were often used by nobility as a symbol of their status and power, simply because they are valuable and extremely rare. Cow hides, on the other hand, were also often used by ‘commoners’. However, due to the fact that many animals have become endangered, the popularity of real animal fur declined. In the 20th century, using synthetic materials made it possible to imitate animal fur. These types of faux fur animal prints are based on modacrylic, acrylic or polyester and very desirable because of their animal friendly production. Faux fur is warm, comfortable and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing.

Animal print types
Animal prints come in a variety of types, for instance:

  • Leopard prints
  • Cow prints
  • Tiger prints
  • Zebra prints

Why faux fur with an animal print? 
Today, animal print faux fur can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. The yarns and fibres used ensure the fabric feels comfortable and is soft to the touch. The many processing options of fake fur allows for various designs, including animal prints. Faux fur with an animal print can be used for clothing, interior items, decoration purposes and pet supplies, including dog and cat baskets, scratch posts and more.

Where to buy faux fur with an animal print?
At fakefurshop.com you can buy a variety of faux fur with animal prints. Premium faux fur as well as cheap fake fur with an animal print suitable for e.g. carnival costumes. Fake fur with animal prints and varying properties, but with one thing in common: the fur is of premium quality and has a favourable price.

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