What is better in winter than a normal cowl? A home made fake fur cowl ofcourse! You can make your own fake fur cowl with these simple steps.

What You need:

  • 94 cms x 64 cms of the fabric of your choice
  • Matching thread
  • Fabric scissors
  • A needle
  • Seam gauge or tape measure
  • Fabric marking pen or pencil
  • Straight pins

cutting fake fur

If you didn’t get your fabric pre-cut to size, do that first! Then, fold your fabric in half with the fur on the inside. Make sure you’re folding fabric so that your new dimensions are 94 cms by 32 cms.

mesuring fake fur

Using a seam gauge or tape measure, mark your seam allowance. I marked about 13 mm for mine, along the longest (94 cms) part of the fabric.

diy fake fur cowl4

Pin your fabric together so it doesn’t move while you sew, then get to sewing. Use small, tight stitches. Like, so small you will moan, “I wish I had a sewing machine, this is taking forever!” But only say it out loud once, because Santa can take a hint. Make sure you only sew the length (making a long tube), leaving the shorter ends open.

diy fake fur cowl 6

After you sew the length, pull one end of the fabric through the opening on the other end.

diy fake fur cowl7

Fold the fabric in half, twisting it once, then line up the edges.

almost fake fur cowl

Both openings should be on top of each other now. Pin the two middle sides to each other, mark your seam allowance (I used 13 mm again) and sew. As you work your way around the circle, move your straight pins to help you hold the fabric in place.

diy fake fur cowl9

Eventually you’ll get to the point where you can’t sew “from the inside” anymore. When that happens, tuck the edges in and sew from the outside. The fake fur will help hide and disguise your thread. When you are finsished you will have a lovely fake fur cowl.

Helpfull video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bskp-EaMds

Source: www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com