Make them as Christmas or wall decoration for your living of childrens’ room.
Pick the color you like and start being creative.

What you need:

  • Letters – for this example NOEL
  • (Optional white) Paint
  • (Optional white) Faux Fur
  • Hot Glue Gun or strong glue
  • Scissors

Tip: if you don’t want to go over the edges of the letters, take a fake fur with a low pile height and cut around the contours of the letter.

Step one. The paper mache letters can be painted best once or twice. I didn’t put a lot of focus on the front since it was going to be covered, but I did make sure to fully coat the sides of the letters

faux fur letter


Step two. Once your paint has dried, hot glue the front of the letters to the faux fur. I placed my fur down (upside down) and placed my glue covered letter upside down. Allow glue to dry completely before moving.


Step three. Use scissors to cut around the letter. An x-acto knife and cutting mat would probably works as well. I was able to fit 3 letters on the fur and use scraps for the last letter. The fur will actually hide any seams so you can’t tell that one of the DIY NOEL letters wasn’t covered in one piece.


This is a fairly simple project and I’m thrilled with how the DIY NOEL letters turned out.