Make your own fake fur stool with these simple steps and it is also cheap to make!

What you need:

  • Stool
  • Piece of fake fur
  • Staple gun or small nails
  • Optional some paint
  • Some stuffing if needed

exaple stool

First we need to get a stool, it can be a simple one or a cheap one like in the picture above or you can make your own stool if you want to.

First strip the cushion from the stool or use some stuffing if the stool didn’t came with a cushion.

strip stool

A marker was used on the back side of the fabric to trace the circle and attached the new fake fur with a staple gun. As you can see the in photo, you need to “comb” the fur to remove any stray pieces.

paint faux stool

Next up, the base of the stool needs to be painted. A cool grey tone was used to be in keeping with the neutral look of the inspiration piece.


The base was lightly sanded, wiped down and painted with three coats of the new paint. After attaching the newly upholstered top, the stool looked as a new fake fur stool!

fake fur stool finish