Do you have an old mobile case laying around? Make it new and stylish with these steps, and you will have a new fake fur case!

What you need:

  • Plastic phone case
  • Scissors & Precision Scissors – Blade/optional
  • Super strong glue for example E6000® Craft Adhesive
  • Fake fur of choice (We recommend short hair fur)

Cut Fur

Place your phone case over the back side of your fur and cut a piece at least 7mm larger around all edges. Make sure you’re in a ventilated area or outside for the next step… The glue can be toxic!

mobile fur case 2

Squeeze a fairly large amount of glue onto the back of your case…mobile fur case 3

Use a business card or something similar to spread it out evenly along the back and edges of the case.

mobile fur case 4

Set your adhesive-sided phone case onto the back of your fur and press down so it sets in place. While pressing the back flat down, pull up the sides tightly so they adhere to the edges of the case and stick to the glue.

Once it dries a bit (about 20 mins) trim away the edges and smooth out the front and sides.

mobile fur case5

Using a blade or precision scissors, carefully cut out the holes for your camera lens + buttons along the bottom and edges.

fur cutting out

With a precision scissors you get better result then with a blade.

Allow it to dry over night or until you can’t smell the strong glue scent any longer.

And… Voila your home made fake fur case!