No one has missed this 100% cocooning decoration trend! Many of our professional customers (hotels, interior decoration, interior design) and private individuals use our faux fur fabrics to cover chairs, armchairs, stools or beanbags. In this article we will tell you more about this, how to choose the right fabric, and what mistakes to avoid.

What can be covered with our faux fur fabrics?

Practically everything! Chairs, stools, footrests, barstools, sofas, beanbags, all can be covered with fur. All these pieces of furniture usually covered with fabric can be transformed with our faux fur fabrics by the meter. Choose your color, hair length, order samples to check the quality of our products, and make your project come true!

How to choose the right faux fur fabric to cover chairs?

If your project is solely or mainly decorative, you can choose from all our faux fur fabrics. If your chairs will be regularly used, then we advise you to choose only from our luxury range.

It is important to know that abrasion (or repeated rubbing) is the worst enemy of fur, whether real or synthetic. On fur garments (jackets for example), the lower back, the inside of the collar, the elbows, the under arm and the end of the sleeves always wear out prematurely, because a fur hair (whether real or synthetic) is very fine, and its end wears out due to friction. Every time you use a chair or a cushion for example, you rub the fabric of your clothes against the fur hairs. The fur fabrics in our luxury range are denser, heavier, more resistant, and will therefore give you the best resistance over time.

In the same way, in upholstery, long and medium pile faux fur fabrics (more than 35 mm) wear out faster than short pile faux fur fabrics (less than 35 mm). In our online store, we indicate the pile length for each of our fabrics, which will allow you to make the best choice.

Get to know our faux fur fabrics better

To help you make your choice, please note that all our faux fur fabrics (with very few exceptions) are sold in 150 centimeters width. This information is systematically indicated on all our product pages. We also indicate the composition of each reference. We manufacture our furs on a knitted base, this does not require any overcasting after cutting them. Hems are not obligatory either. Also our furs do not shed any hair, the knitted base is the strongest and most durable there is.

The density of our faux fur fabrics is also indicated in the “additional information” tab of each of our products, in the form of a weight per linear meter (in width 150 cm). The higher this figure, the denser and heavier the fur, and therefore more resistant over time (and soft and luxurious).

How to cover a fur chair?

Here are some tips to help you cover chairs and furniture with our faux fur fabrics:

  • Add a thin layer of extra wadding before covering your furniture. This padding is a little sticky and holds the fabric in place once it is applied.
  • Use a flexible metal fastening strip for upholstery fabrics instead of pins or nails. This strip is very useful because it holds the fabric more evenly than nailing or stapling, which greatly reduces the tension on the fabric. Simply place the fabric over the wadding and stretch it just enough so that it folds into the strip, then close the strip with a small hammer. This solution also allows the fabric to be replaced very easily. Simply open the jaws of the tape with a flathead screwdriver and replace the fabric.
  • Our faux fur fabrics can also be sewn, stapled or glued. You can choose the fastening solution that is easiest for you.

Caring of your fur covered chairs

All our faux fur fabrics are very easy to care for:

  • If the fur is stained, you just have to clean it with a sponge and soap. Then let the fur dry in the open air and brush it off to give it its beautiful appearance again.
  • Our faux fur fabrics are also machine washable: cold wash on “wool” program, never use fabric softener, nor heat source (tumble dryer or hair dryer for example).
  • If the fur is flattened, simply brush it and shake it to make it voluminous again.

Our experience to help you choose

We offer a choice of several hundred fake fur fabrics, and we have been manufacturing them for over 35 years. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice by contacting us via our contact form. We will be able to help you select the fur reference that will best suit your project. To inspire you, we also invite you to visit our photo gallery, it will show you dozens of creations made by our customers with our faux fur fabrics.