Our faux fur fabrics do not shed, they are known for their solidity and are used worldwide in many fields: haute-couture, ready-to-wear, film / theater / opera costumes, decoration, special effects, mascots, cosplay, fursuits…

When receiving your order, while unpacking your faux fur coupon, you may have the impression that it loses its hairs because many hairs can fly away when you unfold the fabric, this can also happen when you ordered samples.

This impression comes from the cuts we make to prepare your orders: our fabrics are cut with scissors and on the 2 widths of 1.50 m (top and bottom cut of the coupon) this results in cut piles that just wants to stick to you or to your carpets. In addition, our work environment is also full of airborne piles.

To solve this, we invite you to stand on a carpet on which the piles will stick (this will be easier to vacuum afterwards, it prevents them from flying all over the room or on your clothes), put your coupon on it, then go along the top and bottom edges, all the way, grabbing the pile from the edge of the cut “like” to pull it out, this to remove all the pile whose base has been cut. This should be done without too much force of course. All the hairs that are no longer attached (because they were cut at the base) will come by themselves.

Another possible solution: hold the coupon in one hand by one of its corners, leaving the edge that has been cut hanging down, and pass the vacuum cleaner (only the round tip of the hose, without accessory) and this with a very reasonable suction power to avoid that the fur is sucked into the hose.

This first small manipulation will rid the fur of any hair wishing to fly away, and it is an operation to be done ideally after any cutting of fur, so if you want to assemble a garment, we invite you to cut all your pieces, proceed to this step detailed above, then assemble your work. Once finished, shake hard, or brush lightly (with a household brush) or vacuum the garment with one hand, at very low power, and your work will be absolutely perfect ;-)