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Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-09T10:28:55+02:00

Hi, how can I help you?

Do you need some help? On the page below you will find various questions that are frequently asked. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly via our contact form and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Can I open a business account?2020-09-24T07:58:59+02:00

Yes, you can make your purchases without VAT in our online store. To do so :

  • You must already have an account on Fakefurshop.com or register on this page.
  • Then you will have to send us your intra-community VAT number by e-mail or via our contact form.
  • Once your information has been verified, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been updated.
  • Please note that at first, only the method of payment by bank transfer is possible.
  • When you visit the store while logged in, the prices are displayed exclusive of tax.
How to clean faux fur?2020-04-09T10:19:26+02:00

Fantasy faux fur can be machine washed at 30°C. After washing, we advise you to hang the fabric out to dry (never use a tumble dryer). For our luxury furs, we recommend dry cleaning as a priority. However, if you wish to use your washing machine, you can wash at a temperature of 30°C, without ever using fabric softener (contrary to what one might think, these products damage the furs) and hang the fabric to dry. Then, you can brush the fur to give it back its full fluff.

How should I take care of my fur?2020-04-09T10:18:34+02:00

We invite you to keep your fake fur coupons or your creations in a cupboard that is not exposed to light. Keep them away from any source of heat, do not iron them and do not use steam. Keep away from insecticides, moth repellents and other chemicals, including perfumes, lacquers and make-up. Do not seal in a plastic bag, like real fur, a faux fur needs to breathe.

Can I return my order to you?2020-04-09T10:17:49+02:00

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns as the fabrics are cut on demand for each order. Nevertheless we are always listening to our customers and always wish your complete satisfaction. In case of dissatisfaction with your order, never hesitate to contact us and explain what is not suitable for you so that we can propose the best solution for you.

I have not received my order2020-04-09T10:17:12+02:00

We take the greatest care in the dispatch of your order and monitor its progress until receipt. When the carrier takes charge, an email is automatically sent to you with the tracking code of your order.

If you have not received your order, we invite you to check your email box to check whether the carrier has indicated a delivery problem (emails from Fakefurshop, Fur-Textiles Nederland, or Furtex), as well as in the undesirable emails folder. The carrier may also have contacted you by phone or sms, so please check your message box as well.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the status of your order.

Can I pick up my order in person?2020-04-09T10:16:38+02:00

Yes, you can pick up your order directly from our head office in Enschede in the Netherlands or you can have your own courier come and collect your order. In order to arrange this pick-up we invite you to contact us prior to placing your order so that we can provide you with the practical information.

Can I change my order?2020-04-09T10:16:09+02:00

After payment, the order cannot be modified. However, if you contact us shortly after you have finalised your order, we will always be available to discuss with you about changing the reference, or adding additional material.

I can’t finalize my order / My order is cancelled2020-04-09T10:15:40+02:00

Usually a cancelled or unfulfilled order means that payment could not be made. Sometimes this happens if the delay is too long to enter the security code of the credit card, or if you have reached your debit limit. We invite you to try again, or use another credit card, or try to choose payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

In any case, if your order is cancelled, it means that your order has not been registered and your bank account has not been debited.

Is the payment secure?2020-04-09T10:14:34+02:00

We offer several payment solutions: credit card, bank transfer and Paypal. Payment by credit card is fully secure thanks to the online payment system of our banking partner: Sisow.

Your banking data circulate on the Internet only in encrypted form, i.e. they are encoded in such a way as to make them totally unreadable. Moreover, they are only processed by our bank and are never in the possession of Fakefurshop. In fact, when you type in your card number to make your purchases on Fakefurshop, it is actually our bank that you transmit them, not Fakefurshop.

Can I use my own carrier?2020-04-09T10:14:12+02:00

Yes you can! Please contact us beforehand, indicating the furs you have chosen and the number of meters. This will allow us to tell you the weight and volume of your order for your carrier (DHL, UPS, etc.).

Then, by validating your order, you will be able to indicate in the heading “Billing details”, the information of your choice. To indicate that the order will be picked up from our warehouse in Enschede in the Netherlands, you will tick the box “Ship to a different address” and enter the following information:

Your first and last name: your name / company name
Company: Fur Textiles Nederland
Country: The Netherlands
Number and street: Euregioweg 370
Postal Code: 7532 SN
City : Enschede

In the column on the right side of the screen, you will see that the shipping cost will be zero euros, and you can then choose the desired method of payment. Once your order has been placed and payment made, we will notify you when your order is available for collection by your carrier.

What are the shipping costs and delivery times?2020-04-09T10:13:46+02:00

On this page you will find a list of all the countries to which we can ship your order, as well as details of estimated shipping costs and delivery times. If your country is not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can add it.

How long does it take to prepare my order?2020-04-09T10:13:18+02:00

Your order is prepared and shipped the same day if it is placed before 3:30 pm (European time), otherwise it is prepared the next day. An automatic email will tell you when the preparation of your order has started, and another one will confirm that it has been handed over to the carrier.

To avoid any delay or error in preparation or delivery, we invite you to check your address carefully when you fill in the order form, indicating all the information necessary for the delivery service to find you easily (house number, building number, landing number, etc.).

How do I place an order?2020-04-09T10:12:48+02:00

Stroll according to your desires in all our categories of faux fur fabrics, you can also browse by colour, hair length, animal imitation. Our search engine is available throughout your browsing to help you find what you are looking for. Each descriptive page shows you several photos of the fur, as well as detailed information (hair length, composition…). Indicate the number of meters you need or if you prefer to order a sample, and add this selection to your basket before continuing your browsing or finalizing your order.

How to contact customer service?2020-04-09T10:12:08+02:00

For the best treatment of your request, we invite you to contact us via our contact form. Except weekends and holidays, we process requests within half a day most of the time. In any case, we read all the e-mails sent to us and we always try to answer as soon as possible.

The reference I’m looking for is out of stock2020-04-09T10:07:11+02:00

If the reference you are looking for is out of stock, we invite you to contact us indicating the reference concerned as well as the number of meters you need.

Some references are temporarily out of stock as they are being supplied, others are permanently out of stock, in any case we will always do our best to inform you about the situation of our stocks.

Can you produce a customised faux fur fabric?2020-04-09T09:56:09+02:00

Yes, as a manufacturer, we are able to produce any faux fur according to your specifications, for a minimum yardage order of 300 metres. You can contact us to get a precise quote.

Can I come and see the fabrics? Do you have a showroom ?2020-04-09T09:52:33+02:00

Yes, you are always welcome to visit our showroom at our head office in the Netherlands to see our faux fur fabrics. Please contact us in advance to make an appointment for this visit.

Can I contact your sales agent?2020-04-09T09:51:12+02:00

Yes of course, we have sales agents all over Europe and we can put you in contact with them. To do so, please give us your details in this contact form, which faux fur fabric you are looking for and in which yards and we will contact you back to give you precise information.

Do you offer wholesale rates?2020-04-09T09:48:30+02:00

Yes, as a manufacturer and wholesaler, we are able to offer wholesale rates, only for orders per full roll, which is generally 20 to 40 linear metres in length depending on the thickness of the fur. To obtain a quotation, we invite you to contact us via our form to indicate the desired reference and the number of metres you require. We will reply as soon as possible, indicating the available stock and the precise number of metres per roll.

Can I order less than a meter? Or 1.50 metres?2020-04-09T09:46:52+02:00

Unfortunately our cutting system only allows us to cut by the metre. The minimum order is therefore one metre, and our orders work in units of one metre. To place your order, all you have to do is indicate in quantity the number of metres you wish to order, we will prepare your coupon in one piece (e.g.: if you indicate the number “3” in quantity, you will receive a one-piece coupon of 1.5 m wide x 3 m long).

Do I need to order samples?2020-04-09T09:46:04+02:00

We do our best to describe the colour of the item in every description we write. We also place a great deal of importance on colour calibration when we take pictures in order to reflect the exact colour of our furs.

However, we can never guarantee exact colours or colour matching because of this simple fact: colour variations on monitors or mobile phones are too significant from one device to another.

That’s why we strongly encourage you to order a sample before purchasing your fabric. This will allow you to check its quality and exact colour. Trust us, customers who follow this advice never regret this step.

Do your furs meet any specific standards?2020-04-09T09:44:21+02:00

Yes, all our faux fur fabrics comply with the REACH standard.

REACH is a European regulation (regulation n°1907/2006) which came into force in 2007 to secure the manufacture and use of chemical substances in European industry. The aim is to identify, evaluate and control the chemical substances manufactured, imported and placed on the European market.

What is the direction of the hair on your furs?2020-04-09T09:42:44+02:00

Fake fur has, like all animal fur, a dominant hair direction. Unless specifically mentioned, all our faux fur fabrics have a hair direction oriented in the lengthwise direction of the roll. Here is a photo that shows the direction of the hair when you unroll a roll (width 150 centimetres):

How is the structure of your furs woven?2020-04-09T09:42:08+02:00

Our faux fur fabrics are all made on a knitted frame. It does not require overcasting and does not fray, it is particularly suitable for use in the textile industry. The frame is of a colour generally identical to the fur, we endeavour to present a view of the back on our photos to help you in your choices.

What is the composition of your faux fur fabrics?2020-04-09T09:41:48+02:00

Our fabrics are composed of blends of polyester, acrylic and modacrylic in varying percentages. This composition information is systematically indicated in the “Additional information” section on each product sheet.

What is the width of your fabrics?2020-04-09T09:41:19+02:00

The vast majority of our faux fur fabrics are 150 cm wide, some rare exceptions are 135 cm wide. This information is systematically indicated in the “Additional information” section on each product page. Our fabrics are generally slightly wider than the indicated measure, in order to offer a perfectly usable width of 150 cm, allowing you to cut the edges which are sometimes less perfect.

I can’t find the fur I’m looking for.2020-04-09T09:40:50+02:00

As a manufacturer of faux fur fabrics, our catalogue includes several hundred references. We strive to continually update our shop, and if despite this you have not found what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and let us know what you are looking for (colour, pile height). We will be happy to find the rare pearl for you!

How can I use your fake fur fabrics?2020-04-10T10:54:47+02:00

Our fake fur fabrics are suitable for a wide range of uses:

  • Home textiles and decoration: plaids, bedspreads, blankets, cushions, curtains, carpets, footstools, seat cushions and armchairs.
  • Clothing and fashion: jackets, coats, stoles, scarves, snoods, spirithoods, hats, sweaters, sleeves, gloves, mittens, hooded parkas, linings
  • Live performance: we supply all the major European theatres and opera houses, as well as cinema and television studios.
  • Costumes: many very realistic animal imitations
  • Plushes and stuffed animals: our fabrics are washable and very resistant
  • Cosplay: we offer a full range of animal imitations
  • Special effects: our furs can be painted, coloured
  • Fursuits: we offer a very wide range of colours and hair lengths
  • Pets: our furs are ideal for making baskets, cushions, cat trees, etc.
  • Etc.
In which language should I contact you?2020-04-09T09:39:06+02:00

We can inform you in French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, so don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form!

Why does it say “Article in stock, inventory in progress”?2020-04-09T09:29:59+02:00

For most of our products we know exactly how many meters we have in stock in our warehouse, and we display this information on each of our product pages. For some references, we do not know exactly how many meters are available and therefore we have to make a more accurate inventory. In these cases we add the indication “Article in stock, inventory in progress” which means that you can place your order normally, indicating the number of meters you need, and if however while preparing your order we find that we do not have the necessary stock, we will inform you by offering you several alternatives (total or partial refund, date of arrival of a new stock, other alternative furs, etc.).