Fakefurshop is the reference online shop to buy faux fur fabric by the meter. We have been manufacturing and wholesaling faux fur fabrics for more than 35 years. Our furs are perfect for all your creative projects in the fields of clothing, cosplay, fursuits, costumes (historical, performing arts, theatre, opera), decoration, special effects, stuffed toys…

A huge choice

We offer a choice of several hundred faux fur fabrics (with the possibility of ordering samples of each one), as well as creative boxes made up of scraps and coupons.We deliver to over 70 countries, if yours is missing, contact us and we will add it! Long hair, short hair, very very short hair… imitation fox, imitation zebra… red fur, blue fur… we have all this in stock. To facilitate your online store searches, you can use the filters located on the side of the screen (or at the bottom of the page if you consult it on a smartphone) to refine your selection, whether by color, by price range, by hair length or by type of animal. Throughout the year, we strive to add new references and offer you always more choices!


On each page presenting our products, we highlight several photos to help you choose the fur you need. When we take a photo of our furs, we use a visual indicator (or grey scale) to calibrate the exact colour of our photos. This indicator (white/grey/black) then allows us to manually correct each photo to offer you photos that are as close as possible to the real colour of our furs.

Stocks displayed in real time

At the top of each product page, we offer two ordering options: by the metre (you will indicate the number of metres you wish to order) or as a sample. In either case the site displays the number of meters available at the time of ordering. We have several tens of kilometres in stock in our warehouse, they are updated in real time and we try to be as accurate as possible regarding this information on our online shop.

Sometimes, a mention will indicate that the product is in inventory. In these cases, we know that we have this reference in stock, but we do not yet know exactly how many metres we have available (this requires us to unroll and measure each roll completely, which is why we cannot inventory everything at the same time). You will still be able to place your order and add this product to your basket. However, if we do not have enough stock to fulfill your order, we will contact you to offer you alternatives (other similar references, partial shipment of the order, waiting for a next delivery, refund, voucher…).

Anyway, if you see that a product is not in stock, never hesitate to contact us to ask if we will receive a shipment soon.

Additional information

On each page, you will also find additional information in a specific tab:

  • The article reference, often made up of a series of numbers (the range, which may include several fabrics, all identical in terms of composition, density and pile length) and a colour name in English. These two pieces of information represent the product reference (example: 3105 Dark Grey is a fur from our “3105” range, in dark grey colour). When you contact us to enquire about a product, it is this reference that you will need to give us.
  • The width of the fabric, most of the time our fabrics are 150 cm wide (see below a note on this subject).
  • The weight per linear metre, i.e. the weight that a 150 x 100 cm coupon weighs.
  • The length of the pile.
  • The type of fur or animal.
  • The composition.

The width of our fabrics

A note about the width of our fabrics: most of our fabrics are 150 cm (1.50 meters / 59″) wide. Some have a width of 135 cm, we always indicate this in the additional information. When you order one meter, you will therefore receive a coupon of 1.50 meter wide x 1 meter long. If you order 3 metres, you will receive a one-piece coupon of 1.50 metres wide x 3 metres long.

Beyond certain lengths, or when the fur is very thick, instead of sending it to you folded in a cardboard box, we roll it up on a roll. Don’t worry, your fur is safe when sent this way, we store our fabrics on rolls ourselves. By shaking the fur briskly, it becomes perfectly voluminous again.

About the pile direction

Faux fur has, like all animal fur, a dominent pile direction, which is the direction in which the hair “falls out”. Except in exceptional cases (in these cases we specify it in the description), all our faux fur fabrics have a direction of the hair oriented in the direction of the length of the roll.  To help you to place your order, here is a picture that shows you the direction of the pile when we unroll a roll (width 150 centimeters):

The weave of our fabrics

Our faux fur fabrics are made on a knitted base. It is very slightly stretchy, like most fabrics. Some of our furs are specifically “stretch”, and in this case we indicate this in the description. This knitted weave offers the greatest possible resistance to the hair, which guarantees that it will never come off. Please note that when preparing the orders, we cut the coupons with scissors. It is possible that when you receive your order, cut hairs may come loose on the edge of the coupon. This is quite normal, and we always add a few centimetres to our cuts to avoid any loss of raw material.

We should also point out that our fabrics do not fray when you cut them, so they are a great advantage for all creative work: there is no need to overcast them, which is a great saving of time and energy!

For what purpose?

Our faux fur fabrics are suitable for many applications, whether by private individuals or professionals. We invite you to choose high weights (weight per linear metre, indicated in the tab of additional information) for the manufacture of clothing, costumes and decorations. These ranges will offer you the most luxurious visuals and the softest touch due to a higher hair density.

For your temporary decoration projects, cosplays or fursuits requiring shaving or dyeing of the fur, costumes and disguises, you can choose from the ranges with a lower weight. These fabrics are more affordable, they can be used in many applications, and we offer a wide range of choices of pile lengths, colours and patterns.

By the way, because our furs are used extensively by cosplayers, fursuiters, costume designers, and special effects creators, all of our furs can be used in a wide variety of applications:

  • shaved with an electric trimmer, to give volume effects to your creations or to adapt the height of the hair to your needs;
  • dyed and colored: most of the time, our customers use Posca type markers (water paint marker), or an airbrush, for even more creative visual effects, color gradients, or drawing, either freehand or with a stencil;
  • cut in complex shapes: our fabrics do not fray and allow very precise cuts;
  • glued: with any fabric glue or hot glue gun.

Our photo galleries will give you a complete overview of our customers’ creations using different creative techniques, feel free to consult them!

Washable furs

If you’re wondering if our faux fur fabrics are easy to care for, the answer is yes! We still advise you to use dry cleaning by a specialist whenever possible. But you should also know that all our furs are machine washable, with a few tips to know:

  • Prefer the cold wool washing cycle, this cycle avoids “torturing” the furs in the drum, it is the closest to hand washing and does not risk damaging the fur.
  • If need be, and our customers who use our furs for ready-to-wear garments have had the opportunity to test it, all our furs are perfectly resistant to 30° using the synthetic cycle.
  • In either case, limit the spin speed as much as possible.
  • In addition: two things to know about synthetic fur…
    • 1. Never use (despite what one might think) fabric softener, the agents it contains damage the ends of the fibres.
    • 2. never use a tumble dryer, its heat is much too extreme.
  • Favour air drying. The hair will look tousled after drying. Once completely dry, brush the fur delicately with a simple household brush (not with a card, which scratches the hair) and shake the fur briskly, it will regain all its natural swelling.
  • In any case, there is no risk of discolouration or shrinkage.

Durable faux fur fabrics

Our faux fur fabrics are very resistant, and this is especially true with our luxury range. Indeed, they are used in many fields of application, some of them very demanding, which is the case for cosplays, fursuits and theatre or opera costumes, for example. Be aware that fur (whether real or synthetic) is very sensitive to abrasion, and we always advise you to avoid friction as much as possible. Repeated rubbing on a chair or armchair, for example, will cause premature wear of the hair.

In our photo gallery you will find many possible uses for our fabrics. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to submit your project to us so that we can give you the best advice.

Order your faux fur fabric

All our fur references are available by the meter or as a sample. For orders by the metre, we can only prepare cuts of whole metres (1 metre, 2 metres, 3 metres, etc.) and not by centimetres or tens of centimetres.

Never hesitate to order samples beforehand, they will allow you to check the quality of our furs and their exact colour. In fact, despite all the care we take in the making of our photos, when you visit our online store, the colour may vary slightly from one screen to another. Our samples measure 6 x 6 cm and are cut using a punch machine, so it is normal that the hairs at the edge of the sample are slightly cut. When there is a pattern or design on the fur, we make sure that you can see the complete pattern or design on your sample (example: for a Dalmatian fabric, we make sure that you can see the black dots on the white fur).

When we prepare your sample order, we attach a label with a clip to each one. This label will be very useful for all future orders, you will find on it the reference of the fur, its weight per meter, and its composition. If you have a question about a reference, it will be very easy for you to tell us which one it is.

Finally, you can also choose our creative boxes. These are scrap boxes assembled by colours (green, blue, red, beige, black, white, etc. with dark and light coupons, but always in the same colour) or themes (animal prints). Each box is made of faux fur fabric scraps from our warehouse and from our product line presented in our shop. We compose each box with a mix of furs from our luxury range, as well as furs from our standard range, large samples and prototypes. Each box contains a minimum of 5 items, in variable lengths (50 to 100 cm). We strive to compose these boxes with long and short pile faux fur fabrics to offer you the widest choice and thus discover many furs at once. These boxes are particularly adapted to all sewing projects, children’s clothing, plush, or patchwork.

Wholesale prices

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we naturally offer wholesale prices and can prepare orders of several hundred or thousand metres of fabric. All orders less than a full roll (usually between 20 and 40 metres) must be placed in our online shop. For any order by full roll, do not hesitate to contact us, indicating the reference(s) you are interested in as well as the number of metres you need and we will let you know the best possible price as well as the stocks we have available or incoming.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for…

We are experts in faux fur, we know our products and everything that can be created with them. If you are looking for a particular model, if you want to show us sample photos of what you are looking for, contact us via our form and we will propose you a selection of furs corresponding to your search. We can thus help you in your project of costume creation, fursuit, cosplay, clothing making. We are used to guiding our customers as best as possible, from the conception stage of their project. We respond to all messages, in the shortest possible time, and we are known for the quality of our pre- and after-sales service (you can consult the reviews left on our products and our shop here).