Photo gallery… our clients’ creations

Here are some examples of creations with FakeFurShop’s fur fabrics: decoration, clothing, customization, show and entertainment, costumes, cosplays, fursuits, plushes… They have been designed, imagined and created by professional or amateur designers… Feel free to send us, too, your designs with our furs!


Ottilya & Ruben

Ottilya and Ruben are two adorable dragons, and you'll enjoy meeting them at various fursuiter conventions! These beautiful full fursuits were handcrafted by a talented French fursuiter using our faux fur fabrics!


Omegapaws’ fursuits

Omegapaws used our faux fur fabrics to create these beautiful full fursuits, each one was hand made, hand sewn, hand carved, and custom made!


Luxurious bedspreads by Brigitte Stössel

Brigitte Stössel is a professional seamstress who has turned her passion into a profession. She expresses her creativity by making unique pieces and small series, such as these sumptuous bedspreads made with our faux fur fabrics from our luxury ranges.


Horse accessories by Sparks & Bling

Sparks & Bling designs and manufactures horse accessories. Yoni created this brand when she was looking for accessories for Sparky, her miniature horse, and wanted to find accessories that were much more original and qualitative...