A faux fur stole for Pamela Anderson

For the film adaptation of the famous manga Nicky Larson, Pamela Anderson needed a fur stole worthy of a great American star! The model of this stole is based on Marilyn Monroe’s mink stole, but all in fake fur, provided by Fakefurshop / Furtex International !

Marylin’s original cape is made of mink, a fur with short, dense hair, in a brilliant white, and our range of luxury faux furs perfectly matches these criteria. Tip: to imitate real fur, and especially mink skins, you have to cut the fur (our faux fur fabrics are 150 cm wide) into thin strips (mink is usually 10 to 15 cm wide and 60 cm long), and then assemble it again. This will perfectly recreate the effect of real fur with its skins sewn edge-to-edge.