Comédie Française: historical costumes and faux fur

The Comédie Française is a French cultural institution founded in 1680, it is also called “La maison de Molière” (Molière’s home) because its troupe was the first to settle there! The Comédie Française’s workshops use the faux fur fabrics from Fakefurshop / Furtex International to sew beautiful historical costumes or build sets (La Vie de Galilée, La Nuit des rois…).

Our luxurious faux furs, especially the imitations of mink, fox, astrakhan, allow to create very realistic historical costumes, adapted to the stage requirements: no risk of allergy, washable furs, affordable, easy to work with for costume design. Some great names in haute couture can also be associated with these projects, such as Christian Lacroix, who designed the costumes for “La Vie de Galilée”.

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