Jaina (World of Warcraft) and Valkyrie (Fortnite) by Cinderys

Cinderys started cosplaying in 2014 by combining her passions for video games and design. Her creations are recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality (Blizzcon champion), and she shares her passion by publishing e-books featuring the cosplays patterns she designs, and also hosts a Twitch channel. Designing such detailed cosplays can take several hundred hours of work!

Our faux fur fabrics were used to make these two great cosplays: Valkyrie (Fortnite) and Frost Lich Jaina (World of Warcraft, final of the French Cosplay Cup, Top 10 at Blizzard’s Gamescom cosplay contest, winner of the Hearthstone Cosplay Contest).

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Photo credits: Cinderys / Benoit Rugraff / DestinyCorporation