Fake fur seats and cushions by Schimmel & Schweikle


Schimmel & Schweikle design is a duo of contemporary designers who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. For their "PillowPillow" collection, they have created these minimalist armchairs and cushions covered with fake fur fabric from Fakefurshop / Fur Textiles Nederland

Cozy and sportswear faux fur coats, by Cheyma


Cheyma ensures the originality of all her creations by combining sophistication and comfort in each of them. With the help of Fakefurshop / Fur Textiles Nederland furs, she created these two superb fur coats, one in pink teddy and the other in imitation fox, also pink!

Kustom Couture: faux fur fabric to sew a stole


Angela is the creator of the Kustom Couture blog. Passionate about creative hobbies, she shares simple and effective fashion and decoration tutorials with her readers. This stole made with one of our mink faux fur fabrics was the most beautiful effect for a wedding!

Sunsuelle: fake fur fashion bags and accessories


The Sunsuelle brand offers handbags that are beautiful, original and suitable for all environments. It offers a handcrafted production, with a sense of luxury and originality, while preserving affordable prices. These bags and accessories are made with the fake fur fabrics of Fakefurshop.

Eva Verwicht: fake fur fabric at art school


"Bonjour Madame" is a collection of bags and shoes for women created by Eva Verwicht, a student at the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design in Geneva. The shapes evolve around several dualities and visual contrasts (hard / soft, pleated / smooth). She wanted to work with Fakefurshop faux fur fabric for ethical reasons.

Publiaplic: a Chewbacca car in fake fur fabric


How to create a Chewbacca car? With our long-haired fake fur fabrics and the expert hands of Publiaplic (Groot-Bijgaarden - Belgium), this unique project was created for a Renault campaign for the release of the new film Star Wars - Solo: A star Wars Story