Cosplay (composed of the English words “costume” and “play”), is a very creative hobby that consists of playing the role of characters from the worlds of manga, comic books, Japanese animation, cartoons, films, video games, comic books or television shows.

The cosplayers show many talents to make costumes, armors, weapons, wigs, mixing techniques of sewing, sculpture, 3D printing and many other tricks to create a cosplay that is as close as possible to its model. Fakefurshop offers hundreds of references of faux fur fabrics and therefore allows you to make perfect imitations of real animal furs (fox, coyote, mink, raccoon, sheep, rabbit…), but also faux fur fabrics in all colours to imitate all kinds of fantastic creatures.

Here are some examples of cosplays or accessories for cosplay using Fakefurshop’s furs, created by our talented customers. Click here to browse through all our photo galleries, for even more great faux fur creations (cosplay, costumes, decoration, special effects, fashion, plushes, customizations, theatre/opera)!