The making of a costume often requires the use of fur, whether it is for a historical re-enactment, a life-size role play, a disguise, a television game show, a film or a live performance. Using synthetic fur to make a costume means you can find exactly the shade and length of fur you want, at the lowest price, with a fur that will be washable, easy to care for, strong and durable.

Our faux fur fabrics offer a choice of several hundred references of luxury or low price furs, perfect animal imitations or fantasy furs, to allow you to make the suit or accessory you want.

Here are some examples of costumes and accessories creations using Fakefurshop’s furs, created by our talented customers. Click here to browse through all our photo galleries, for even more great faux fur creations (cosplay, costumes, decoration, special effects, fashion, plushes, customizations, theatre/opera)!