Interior decoration allows you to personalize your living space, making objects as beautiful as practical. Plaids, cushions, pouffes, chairs, armchairs… The applications of our faux fur fabrics are numerous and allow to give a soft and cosy atmosphere. They are easy to care for, washable, resistant, you will find your happiness among our hundreds of references!

Event decoration is the art of transforming a reception, ceremony or seminar venue to make it unique. Many professionals use our faux fur fabrics for their events, as well as for the decoration of hotels, bars, restaurants or festivals.

Here are some examples of decoration projects using Fakefurshop’s furs, created by our talented customers. Click here to browse through all our photo galleries, for even more great faux fur creations (cosplay, costumes, decoration, special effects, fashion, plushes, customizations, theatre/opera)!