Our furs are massively used in the creation of special effects, whether to imitate real animals, fantastic creatures or masks. Professional or amateur special effects studios use many techniques to ensure that no real animals are involved, just as we do in the manufacture of our faux fur fabrics!

Our ranges of faux fur fabrics allow you to choose cheap furs that will be dyed, airbrushed, shaved, cut… as well as furs from our luxury range that perfectly imitate wild animals (bear, gorilla, fox, raccoon, coyote, feline…), providing the perfect base for creating animals and creatures that are more real than life.

Here are some examples of special effects projects using Fakefurshop’s furs, created by our talented customers. Click here to browse through all our photo galleries, for even more great faux fur creations (cosplay, costumes, decoration, special effects, fashion, plushes, customizations, theatre/opera)!