Stage costumes cover a wide range of uses in the world of the performing arts. It refers to the clothing worn on stage by actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and is therefore found on the stages of ballets, operas, or theatres.

Making a costume is a magnificent work of sewing, as well as very often the work of a historian, a researcher in archives and documentation, and a curator. Offering perfect imitations of animal furs, 100% synthetic, Fakefurshop is present on the majority of the stages of the largest theatres and operas throughout Europe.

Here are some examples of theater and opera stage costumes using Fakefurshop’s furs, created by our talented customers. Click here to browse through all our photo galleries, for even more great faux fur creations (cosplay, costumes, decoration, special effects, fashion, plushes, customizations, theatre/opera)!