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Need scraps and cuttings of faux fur fabric for sewing or decorating projects? We offer these creative boxes made up of several coupons assembled by color theme. Each box is composed of fabric coupons from our high-end and low-priced collections, in various sizes, and we offer them at the lowest possible price for all your creative hobbies (fashion, decoration, costume, cosplay, fursuit...).

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Creative box of mixed scraps and cut-outs, color theme: brown.

Do you need cuttings and coupons of faux fur fabrics for your sewing or decorating projects? Enjoy our creative boxes made of scrap and cut-outs, assembled by colour theme! Here are the common characteristics of each of these boxes:

  • Each box consists of faux fur fabric coupons from our warehouse and from our product line presented in our shop.
  • We assemble each box with a mix of furs from our luxury Saluki range, as well as furs from our standard range.
  • These scraps are grouped by colour: mostly blue, or red, or yellow, etc. You will therefore obtain a box with dark and light coupons, but always in the same color.
  • Each box contains at least 5 items, of variable lengths (50 to 100 cm).
  • We make our best efforts to compose these boxes with long-haired and short-haired fake fur fabrics to offer you the widest possible choice.
  • In practical terms, it weighs about 2 kg in a box with the following dimensions: 43 cm x 32 cm x 23 cm.
  • The precise content of each box is unknown, if we want to offer you these coupons at the lowest possible price, it is impossible for us to list precisely the content of each box, which is always unique.

We assort these boxes according to the cuttings we have, from the end cuts of rolls and samples, and offer them at the lowest possible price for all your creative hobbies (fashion, decoration, costume, cosplay, fursuit…). The photos are therefore not contractual because the content of each box is absolutely unique, and composed according to orders, receipts and stock ends.

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Box brown


Stock display

We display the number of meters available in real time. Occasionally, we will indicate that the product is "in inventory". This means that the fabric is available, but that we don't know exactly how many meters we have left. You can still place your order and add this product to your basket. You can also contact us beforehand to check how much we have left.

Order quantity

The order unit is the linear meter (39,37"). Most of our fabrics are 150 cm (1.5 meters / 59") wide, as indicated in the "additional information" tab. If you order one meter, you'll receive a coupon measuring 1.50 meter wide x 1 meter high. If you order 2 meters (78,74"), you'll receive a one-piece coupon 1.50 meters wide x 2 meters long, etc.

Shipping / Delivery

We deliver your orders worldwide, and shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of the package. Orders are packed in cardboard boxes or on rolls, depending on the number of meters ordered. If you prefer, you can ask us for a quote for express delivery (we'll send you an additional invoice), or you can choose to use your own carrier, in which case we'll let you know the weight and volume of your package. Both options are available on the order form.

Care and washing instructions

We recommend dry-cleaning by a specialist. All our faux fur fabrics are also machine-washable, with the following tips:

  • Use the cold wool program
  • If necessary, all our furs can be washed on the synthetic program at 30°.
  • Limit spin speed as much as possible
  • Never use fabric softener or bleach
  • Air dry, never tumble dry, do not iron.

How to prolong the life of faux fur?

Faux fur fabric is not affected by insect attack (moths, for example), nor by hair loss. However, to keep your fabric as beautiful as possible for as long as possible, we advise you to follow our washing advice, and avoid repeated rubbing as much as possible, such as that caused by a seatbelt. So remember to take off your jacket on when driving, or avoid sitting on your fur coat. Regular brushing will also keep the coat beautiful and voluminous.

Fabric cutting tip

You might be tempted to cut the faux fur with a cutter, but the knitted jersey weave is very strong and this will be very complicated. A pair of sewing scissors will do the job just fine, just follow these tips to make a perfect cut:

  • Place the fabric on a rug or carpet, pile side down, weft side facing you.
  • Push the lower blade of the scissors into the fur as little as possible, to avoid cutting the pile too deeply.
  • Advance slowly, in small successive cuts, until you have completed your cut.
  • Untie your fabric coupon, proceeding slowly so as not to send hairs flying everywhere
  • You may see a few hairs fall out after cutting. This is normal, as they've been cut by the scissors. To remove them, "pluck" them all along the length of your cut. Simply pull on them by hand, in small handfuls, without pulling too hard, and all the hairs that have been cut will come off easily. Those that haven't been cut will stay perfectly in place, don't worry.

Photos of our faux fur fabrics

We present several photos of each of our products to help you choose among them. When we take photos of our fabrics, we use a visual indicator (or color scale) to calibrate the exact color of our photos. This allows us to manually correct each shot so that we can offer you photos as close as possible to the actual color of our furs. However, color can vary from screen to screen, and we always invite you to order samples beforehand to check whether the color of the fabric is exactly what you expect.

Pile direction

Like any animal fur, faux fur has a dominant pile direction, i.e. the direction in which the hair "falls". With rare exceptions (in which case we specify in the description), all our faux fur fabrics have a pile direction that runs the length of the roll. When you hold your piece with the width facing you, the pile falls down.

The weft of our fabrics

Our faux fur fabrics are made on a knitted weft. Like most fabrics, it has a very slight stretch. This knitted weft offers the greatest possible resistance to the hair, guaranteeing that it will never come loose. Please note that when preparing orders, we use scissors to cut the fabric, so it's possible that when you receive your order, some of the cut pile may come loose where we've cut it. This is perfectly normal, and we always add a few centimeters to avoid any loss of raw material. This weave does not require overcasting after cutting.

Samples labelling

When we prepare your sample order, we staple a label to each one. This label is very useful for future orders, as it contains the fabric reference number and other useful information about the fabric's composition..

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  1. The contents are more random than described, so be prepared for a lot of really small cutouts. Nevertheless, it is well worth the price to practice with the materials.

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Hobby creative box: brown scraps and cut-outs Hobby creative box: brown scraps and cut-outs
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