Low Price Blossom Pink Longhaired Faux Fur – AC356-Blossom

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All our faux fur fabrics are sold by the metre (1m = 1.09yd), 150cm (59″) wide. We cut them for you when you order, in one piece. This long-haired fake fur is at the same time very soft, economic, and will allow you all the fantasies! This very soft synthetic fur is distinguished by the length of its yeti style hair, it measures 70 mm… see detailed description

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Faux fur by the meter, longhaired, blossom pink, 100% synthetic

This long-haired faux fur is very soft, economical, and it will allow you all the fantasies! This very soft synthetic fur fabric is distinguished by the length of its yeti-style fur (70mm) and is available in an infinite choice of colours.

Here is the perfect faux fur fabric for all your projects of costumes and disguises for the carnival, but also to trim your parkas hoods, or to make big fluffy and coloured cushions! This long-haired faux fur can also be used to create jackets and vests.

You like the colour but you want a version of this faux fur fabric with a shorter hair? Just as cheap, this range is identical in terms of quality and composition, but with a pile height of 14 mm. This will also allow you, while having the same color references, to make creations with several heights of hair (jacket and hood, for example, or full disguise…).

Of course, you can order a sample of this faux fur fabric to check its exact color and appreciate its quality. To do this, click on the “Order a sample” button and a 6 x 6 cm (2.36 x 2.36″) coupon will automatically be added to your basket.

Need help for all your fur creations? Visit our blog to learn all about sewing synthetic fur! Sewing techniques, patterns, inspirations, ideas of decoration or creations of clothes and accessories, you will find your pleasure there!

Additional information

Pile height

70 mm


AC356 Blossom


Imitation / Pattern

Grams per Linear Meter

580 grams


150 cm (59")


50% acrylic / 50% modacrylic

Type of fabric


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