Vetbed faux fur fabric by the meter for dog and cat mats and beddings, red – YF 317 1253/13

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This Vetbed faux fur fabric is developed specifically for making mats for dogs and cats. It has the unique property of not absorbing moisture, so your pet always stays dry and warm, it also has a non-slip surface, which also has an insulating effect. This material is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and machine washable. It is available by the metre in 155 cm (61") width. We cut our fabrics on demand, in one piece. You will find information on width, weight, composition, and pile height in the "Additional Information" tab below.

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Vetbed faux fur fabric by the meter for dog and cat mats and beddings, red – YF 317 1253/13

We designed this Vetbed faux fur fabric by the metre especially for our dog and cat friends. This faux fur fabric has absolutely all the benefits that our pets need to enjoy the best comfort. It is a very thick and dense fur, perfect for making mats for pets, you can also use it to make baskets and cat trees.

Here are the characteristics of our Vetbed faux fur fabric: 

  • Thick (28 mm) and dense fur (1700 grams per linear metre in width 155 cm)
  • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Keeps your pet warm and dry
  • Machine washable at 40°
  • Non-slip latex base
  • Wear and bite resistant knitted weft
  • 100% vegan synthetic fur (100% polyester composition)
  • Sold by the metre, can be cut to the desired size
  • Made by us in the UK
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This faux fur fabric does not absorb moisture, so your pets can sleep dry, on a comfortable and warm mat. This also prevents the spread of bacteria, so your pets have a perfectly healthy rug.

Vetbed pet fur is suitable for many applications:

  • Home mats
  • Rugs for transport in the car (trunk, seats)
  • Travelling to competitions
  • Veterinary practices
  • Mat for transport crate
  • Mat for whelping box
  • For young puppies
  • For older, fragile or convalescent dogs

Care instructions: this faux fur fabric is designed to be particularly resistant, it is machine washable up to 40°. As with all our faux fur fabrics, we recommend air drying, and to always avoid the use of fabric softener and never dry it in a tumble dryer. In a standard machine with a capacity of 5 kg, it is possible to wash a coupon of a dimension of 100 x 75 cm. Beyond this size, you will need to either hose down the carpet or use a larger machine.

Cutting tips: this faux fur fabric is very thick and is best cut with a cutter on the back side (non-slip side). This way you can cut it to the size of your choice, such as the shape of your basket or your car trunk. It is possible to sew this fabric but because of its thickness and the difficulty to fold it, we advise you to sew it by hand. We make this fabric on a knitted weft, so there is no need to overcast after cutting, there is no risk of the pile coming loose or the edges fraying.

Of course, you can order a sample of this fur to check its exact color and appreciate its exceptional quality. To do so, click on the "Order a sample" button and a 6 x 6 cm coupon will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

Need help with all your fur creations? Visit our blog to learn all about sewing synthetic fur! Sewing techniques, patterns, inspirations, ideas for decorating or creating clothes and accessories, you will find your happiness!

Additional information


YF 317 R 3 1253/13 Paw & Bones red/black/ecru

Imitation / Pattern


100% polyester

Type of fabric

Weight per Linear Metre

1,700 grams

Pile height

28 mm


155 cm (61")



Stock display

We display the number of meters available in real time. Occasionally, we will indicate that the product is "in inventory". This means that the fabric is available, but that we don't know exactly how many meters we have left. You can still place your order and add this product to your basket. You can also contact us beforehand to check how much we have left.

Order quantity

The order unit is the linear meter (39,37"). Most of our fabrics are 150 cm (1.5 meters / 59") wide, as indicated in the "additional information" tab. If you order one meter, you'll receive a coupon measuring 1.50 meter wide x 1 meter high. If you order 2 meters (78,74"), you'll receive a one-piece coupon 1.50 meters wide x 2 meters long, etc.

Shipping / Delivery

We deliver your orders worldwide, and shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of the package. Orders are packed in cardboard boxes or on rolls, depending on the number of meters ordered. If you prefer, you can ask us for a quote for express delivery (we'll send you an additional invoice), or you can choose to use your own carrier, in which case we'll let you know the weight and volume of your package. Both options are available on the order form.

Care and washing instructions

We recommend dry-cleaning by a specialist. All our faux fur fabrics are also machine-washable, with the following tips:

  • Use the cold wool program
  • If necessary, all our furs can be washed on the synthetic program at 30°.
  • Limit spin speed as much as possible
  • Never use fabric softener or bleach
  • Air dry, never tumble dry, do not iron.

How to prolong the life of faux fur?

Faux fur fabric is not affected by insect attack (moths, for example), nor by hair loss. However, to keep your fabric as beautiful as possible for as long as possible, we advise you to follow our washing advice, and avoid repeated rubbing as much as possible, such as that caused by a seatbelt. So remember to take off your jacket on when driving, or avoid sitting on your fur coat. Regular brushing will also keep the coat beautiful and voluminous.

Fabric cutting tip

You might be tempted to cut the faux fur with a cutter, but the knitted jersey weave is very strong and this will be very complicated. A pair of sewing scissors will do the job just fine, just follow these tips to make a perfect cut:

  • Place the fabric on a rug or carpet, pile side down, weft side facing you.
  • Push the lower blade of the scissors into the fur as little as possible, to avoid cutting the pile too deeply.
  • Advance slowly, in small successive cuts, until you have completed your cut.
  • Untie your fabric coupon, proceeding slowly so as not to send hairs flying everywhere
  • You may see a few hairs fall out after cutting. This is normal, as they've been cut by the scissors. To remove them, "pluck" them all along the length of your cut. Simply pull on them by hand, in small handfuls, without pulling too hard, and all the hairs that have been cut will come off easily. Those that haven't been cut will stay perfectly in place, don't worry.

Photos of our faux fur fabrics

We present several photos of each of our products to help you choose among them. When we take photos of our fabrics, we use a visual indicator (or color scale) to calibrate the exact color of our photos. This allows us to manually correct each shot so that we can offer you photos as close as possible to the actual color of our furs. However, color can vary from screen to screen, and we always invite you to order samples beforehand to check whether the color of the fabric is exactly what you expect.

Pile direction

Like any animal fur, faux fur has a dominant pile direction, i.e. the direction in which the hair "falls". With rare exceptions (in which case we specify in the description), all our faux fur fabrics have a pile direction that runs the length of the roll. When you hold your piece with the width facing you, the pile falls down.

The weft of our fabrics

Our faux fur fabrics are made on a knitted weft. Like most fabrics, it has a very slight stretch. This knitted weft offers the greatest possible resistance to the hair, guaranteeing that it will never come loose. Please note that when preparing orders, we use scissors to cut the fabric, so it's possible that when you receive your order, some of the cut pile may come loose where we've cut it. This is perfectly normal, and we always add a few centimeters to avoid any loss of raw material. This weave does not require overcasting after cutting.

Samples labelling

When we prepare your sample order, we staple a label to each one. This label is very useful for future orders, as it contains the fabric reference number and other useful information about the fabric's composition..


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Vetbed faux fur fabric by the meter for dog and cat mats and beddings, red - YF 317 1253/13 Vetbed faux fur fabric by the meter for dog and cat mats and beddings, red - YF 317 1253/13
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