The faux fur fabrics that we have been manufacturing since 1984 are used in many different ways by our professional and private customers: ready-to-wear and haute-couture clothing, theater, opera or movie costumes, interior decoration, special effects, plush toys, cosplays, fursuits… In each of these sectors, we strive to offer the best quality faux furs and the most suitable for their use.

Many of our faux fur fabrics are also used for petbedding, for making baskets, mats, or cat trees. In order to offer the best for our dog and cat friends, we have designed this Vetbed faux fur fabric by the meter. This synthetic fur has absolutely all the necessary advantages that our beloved pets need in order to enjoy the best comfort. Of course by extension, this range of fabrics does not only concern cats and dogs, but also all pets, whatever they are (rabbits, hamsters, horses, etc.).

Vetbedding for your pets

Taking care of your pet essentially means paying attention to where it sleeps and rests. It’s all about providing warmth, safety, and perfect hygiene. The ideal bedding must be warm, comfortable and above all remain dry to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Our Vetbed faux fur fabric brings all these together and more, ideal for all cats and dogs, puppies, kittens, as well as for older, convalescent or incontinent animals.

Our faux fur fabrics from the Vetbed range have become a real reference for professionals in the animal world, and can be found among breeders, educators, veterinarians and associations dedicated to animal protection.

Safe for every pet

Meets the highest hygiene requirements, hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Your pet, even if juvenile, fragile or convalescing, is perfectly safe from any allergy, or risk of skin, ophthalmological and respiratory diseases. The fur fabric also prevents the proliferation of bacteria.


100% vegan synthetic fur (100% high-end polyester composition), as a manufacturer of faux fur fabrics, we are a member of the Bont voor Dieren foundation. Based, like us, in the Netherlands, this foundation works for animals and against the use of real fur. We believe that animals should not be killed to make products from their fur, and we feel it is essential to work against animal cruelty.

Easy care

Machine washable at 40°, routine care with vacuum cleaner (see detailed instructions below). This faux fur fabric is antistatic and prevents hair and dust from accumulating.

Easy to order

Available per meter in 150-155cm (59-61″) width, cut on demand in one piece, or as full roll. You can cut that fabric to the desired size and shape, it does not fray, and can also be sewn (see instructions below). Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Keeps your pet warm and dry

Non-slip and impermeable latex base, effectively insulates your pet from the hard and cold floor. If your pet is incontinent, this also protects your floor from stains. Moisture is evacuated downwards, so the fiber stays dry, the air circulation in the fibers avoids the appearance of odors. Hollow polyester fibers are designed to keep pets warm and dry with their draining qualities.

A durable fabric

Much more than just a carpet, made of thick (28 mm) and dense fur (1700 grams per linear meter in width 150-155 cm), wear and bite resistant double knitted weft. The faux fur fabric is reistant to high pressure, the danger of pressure sores and calluses is eliminated.

Best quality at best price

Made by us in the UK, the best quality veterinary petbedding in Europe, recommended and used by veterinarians and breeders worldwide.


Can be ordered in bulk by full rolls (prices on request, average roll length 10-12 meters and more). Can be custom made with your own design / color / pattern (subject to a minimum order quantity, please contact us for more information).

Vetbed pet faux fur is suitable for many applications

  • Home mats

  • Veterinary practices
  • Mat for transport crate
  • Rugs for car seats
  • Mat for whelping box
  • Saddle pads for horses
  • Trees and perches
  • Baskets

  • Niches
  • Hammocks
  • Cushions

Range YF317R fabric data sheet

  • Weight per linear metre : 1700 grams
  • Pile height : 28 mm
  • Finished width : 155 cm / 61″
  • Composition of pile : 100% polyester
  • Overall composition : 65% polyester, 35% rubber latex
  • Machine wash 40°
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Flat drying recommended
  • Colour fastness *
    1 Light : 4 – 5
    2 Water : 4 – 5
    3 Perspiration : 4 – 5
    4 Rubbing wet : 4 – 5
    5 Rubbing dry : 4 – 5
    * colour fastness may vary slightly according to shade

  • All fabrics are of a directional nature
  • Do not mix batch numbers when cutting

Care instructions

For routine maintenance, we invite you to simply vacuum up dirt and dried soil. This faux fur fabric is designed to be particularly resistant, it is machine washable up to 40°. As with all our faux fur fabrics, we recommend air drying, and to always avoid the use of fabric softener and never dry it in a tumble dryer. In a standard machine with a capacity of 5 kg, it is possible to wash a coupon of a dimension of 100 x 75 cm. Beyond this size, you will need to either hose down the carpet or use a larger machine.

Cutting and sewing tips

This faux fur fabric is very thick and is best cut with a cutter on the back side (non-slip side). This way you can cut it to the size and shape of your choice, such as the shape of your basket or your car trunk. It is possible to sew this fabric but because of its thickness and the difficulty to fold it, we advise you to sew it by hand. We make this fabric on a knitted weft, so there is no need to overcast after cutting, there is no risk of the pile coming loose or the edges fraying.

Where to buy our Vetbed faux fur fabrics?

Below you will find links to our entire range of Vetbed faux fur fabrics, this will allow you to place your order for samples and cut fabric. If you wish to order by the whole roll, please contact us using our form, we will answer you as soon as possible.